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oh mama

oh mama, trust me

please mama, listen

i know you love me

i know you worry (i do)

but this is my life

can you accept it

i'm not a baby

so let me live it

my rebel-baby

you play with fire

trust my experience

quit your resistance

these times are different

this world can thrill and scare you too

i see the danger

let me protect you

oh mama, help me

don't try to fight me

i need to stumble

i have to falter

do you remember (today, why today?)

you were in my place

i’m your creation

learnt from the master

this independence is overrated (mama, trust me)

nothing to wish for

nothing to rush to

it's so much safer

under the wings of mother's love

that's where i want you

i'd like to be there too

why does it have to be today?

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