blame it on the summer

day by day and night by night life's a dream, heaven sent

i am yours and you're mine - what more can i pray for

but every minute, every hour i play a waiting game

'cause once again the spring is all around

i know so well your smiling face, that greets me everyday

you stand by me, i stand by you. all's good and well...

so why day by day and night by night i play a waiting game

'cause my world will soon be turning upside down in summer

blame it on the summer - i can't help how summer makes me feel

blame in on the summer - i don't care if what i feel is real

blame it on the summer - can't explain what summer makes me do

i want to break away and fly away, 'cause summer makes me run away from you

years go by, i play for time, resigned, come what may

you keep on loving me and i still keep on wishing

‘cause every hour, here in silence, the game remains the same

and the summer makes my world turn upside down

oh, summer


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