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we had a plan
now it's almost done
and only silly smiles
 petty crimes
 cruel sighs
 little lies
 between us
and you know like I know
this marriage had its run
although it's just a pun
‘cause we were never married

we were the perfect dancing partners
that's what the people say and maybe it's a shame
this dance will have to end
just take another bow
put on a beaming smile

and it's show time
you're on your own now
it's a scary ride
no one on your side
standing in the wings
I will be watching you
‘cause it's show time

here I go again
it’s the same old song
any fool but me could sing
a different tune

playing to your crowd
maybe one more time
but it breaks my heart in two
to hide the truth
and we do

I’m stepping up
stepping up

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