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Message from Basia
Our dear concertgoers, I really have no words to express how sorry I am that I am forced to cancel my concerts in Poland in May. These performances had already been postponed twice due to the pandemic, but I waited patiently for them and looked forward to similar emotions that I experienced on my last tour in my country. Concerts in Poland are always the most important to me! Unfortunately, this time I am the victim of poor health. However, I quietly hope that my problems will pass quickly and we will meet at our concerts in a few months, with the same energy, optimism and most importantly - a strong voice! I am sending you my love and please - forgive me ... I promise to improve :) - Basia Trzetrzelewska
(Read this message in Polish)
Baruch Zeichner interviewed Basia for and you can hear it on the below link
Demo tapes!

Our old friend, Warne Livesey, recently got in touch with Danny to say that he'd come across a cassette tape of some recordings we might be interested in hearing. 

Back in 1981 I'd just arrived in England and I answered an ad in a music publication called Melody Maker - a band was looking for a singer.  The ad was put in by Danny and Warne who requested a demo tape before any audition would take place. I didn't have a demo tape so I went to a studio to record a couple of songs. As fate would have it, Warne was the engineer at the studio (Wave Studios - owned by the legendary jazz bass player Peter Ind) and as a result of the session they asked me to join their band which was called Bronze.

Track 1 was a song called 'I Try' (written by Angela Tomasa Bofill)

Track 2 was called 'Clouds' and originally recorded by Chaka Khan (written by Nickolas Ashford/Valerie simpson)

We put both on SoundCloud  LISTEN TO THEM HERE

'Butterflies' reviews


(6 NOVEMBER 2018)  










Something Else! REVIEW


It’s so nice to write to you again, because I finally have a reason.

I know, I know… ‘I should have done it sooner’ (a line from ‘Pandora’s Box’) but believe me - it would have been a different album. 

Sometimes one just has to be patient, go through stuff, experience new things and learn.

But it’s May already and a perfect time for ‘Butterflies' to fly… 

It seems an appropriate name for our album because these songs are like butterflies - some are colourful, some - delicate, some - showy, some - a little dreamy…


I have to admit that initially I wanted to call this album ‘be pop’ (the title of one of our songs), which represents how much I love every kind of popular music, but in a way it also pays homage to bebop - my favourite style in jazz.

However, since then, Danny and I wrote two songs where the word ‘butterfly’ appears and this ephemeral image got stuck in our minds.

I tried to reconcile this dilemma somehow and decided to call our album ‘Be pop butterfly’. I was so pleased with myself coming up with this perfect illustration of our music, but it quickly transpired that beside me only one other person liked my idea! Others found it clumsy and confusing. On top of everything my very close friend asked me, in no uncertain terms, not to complicate things, which supposedly I tend to do…

Well, I had to accept defeat and simplify the title. Still, inside I believe that ‘Be pop butterfly’ is IT ! :))


These songs are fun, musically and lyrically. Recording them I laughed, I cried but mainly I danced around my studio. There are 10 of them plus Rachel is waltzing for 1 min and 30 secs.

Danny and I felt no pressure from anybody while writing them, we did what we felt like. The song ‘be pop’ is our musical credo.

You might be intrigued by the title of the ballad ‘Liang and Zhu’. They are known in China as the ‘Butterfly Lovers’. Check out their tragic love story on the Internet - it will bring a lump to your throat.

The other songs, if you listen carefully, have obvious messages; they don’t need any explanation and I’d like you to find in them something you can relate to.


‘Butterflies’ were mixed by our collaborator since ’The Sweetest Illusion’ - David Bascombe, whose wonderful ears and musicality we trust utterly. He definitely made the record sound extra special.

We were again lucky to have Danny’s brother - Peter White on guitar, whose presence is very strong on this album.

You might recognise the musicians with whom we love to work regularly, like Marc Parnell, Kevin Robinson, Paul Booth, Andres Lafone and Giorgio Serci, whose lovely instrumental track ‘Momentum’ we adapted for the song ‘Matteo’, inspired by the name of Giorgio's little son. It was lucky for me because when Matteo was born I immediately knew what this song should be about!

Our old Matt Bianco band mate - Mark Reilly is singing wonderfully with me on 'Show Time’, the song he co-wrote with us.

I’m sure some people will notice that this time I don’t sing in Polish but we have a very strong Polish accent on our album. Two years ago Danny and I performed a few of our songs with the Big Band of the Music University in Warsaw, which were specially arranged by them for their concert. The musicianship of those young players was so good that a few weeks later Danny flew back to Warsaw and recorded them for our album, which beautifully enhanced some of our arrangements.


After all this I wonder whether you are going to like our album, and that is why I have …. butterflies in my stomach. 

You see - they took over my whole being.


Enjoy! With love -







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